Who is Dijital Promosyon?

What products does Dijital Promosyon sell?

We sell digital promotion products such as flash disc and powerbank (portable charger). Moreover, we sell general promotion products such as ballpoint pen, agenda notebook, keychain. However, we import digital promotion products by ourselves while we buy general promotion products from domestic market. By the way, we make imprint jobs in our own factory such as fiber laser marking and UV digital printing.

We export our products to Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Greece, Romania, Russia, etc. with our 8-year-experience. There are 6 workers who speaks Turkish and 2 managers speaking and writing English in our company.

Export Process

  1. Send an e-mail to info@dijitalpromosyon.com
  2. Send us URL or picture of the product(s) on which you want to imprint your logo and/or company information.
  3. Attach your company logo and contact information.
  4. Our graphic designer will make a design.
  5. Our financial manager will make the most reasonable price for you. This price might be made for FOB Mersin and Istanbul, EXW Gaziantep, or CIF.
  6. Our production manager will confirm when we can deliver the finished products.
  7. According to this information, our export manager will organise logistic operation and payment information to our account manager. 
  8. Before we start mass production, our production manager will make a sample; then, our export manager send you an e-mail the picture of the sample.
  9. You can ask us to send the sample to you by air Cargo too. We can send you the samples by DHL or UPS with your account.
  10.  After you confirm the sample or e-mail, when we agree on payment too, we can start mass production and will deliver on scheduled date.
  11. It is useful that you search on your custom about what kind of certificates you need and give us information before mass production. If it is necessary, we can send a small carton as a trial order.

Who are we?
Our company was founded in March 2015 as Erhan Gazi Advertisement Industry and International Business Co.Ltd. in Gaziantep. Since then, our company has developed sharpenly and been working at his two floor concept store with a large machine park. By the way, our company, who imports directly and sells directly to the customers via e-trade and e-export, has a printing capacity of 1000 pcs digital product such as flash disc and powerbank. Our tax Office is Gaziakent and tax number is 3590328124

Our Vision
 To have promotion sector get digital. Promotion sector will get into digital step by step in our country as in the world. Therefore, we want to be a company who is leading the sector in our country.

Our Mission

The corporate companies who are doing business are making advertisement and promotion products, which are generally classical products such as ballpoint pen, agenda notebook, keychain, etc. We believe that this classic promotion sector will be converted into digital promotion, which means that companies will make much more technologic products as promotion gift. And we will explain this situation to the corporate companies. The other mission of us is about promotion season. That’s, such corporate compines should not make advertisement and promotion gifts in only christmas season like december and january. Instead, they should distribute the promotion gift making job to the whole year. Therefore, both the promotion sector will stay active and it contributes to national economy.

Who is Erhan Gazi, founder and manager of the company?
 Erhan Gazi was born in 1984, is married, has two sons and a daughter. He did teach English two years at government schools and private courses. He worked as a translater at international fairs. He provided consultancy services on the areas of language learning, corporation identity, and using technology efficiently. He worked 2 years in the biggest advertisement agency of Gaziantep as web developer and took part at the big projects of Gaziantep advertisement.  Moreover, he worked in a big advertisement company of Hatay 1 year and signed very important projects. After that, he worked as International Business Manager in the biggest motorcycle manufacture company of Turkey, Kuba Motor, 6 years.

He combined web design business, which he liked and did for ten years, and international business with digital promotion idea.

He follows technology and the developments of the world very closely. When he was an interntional business manager, the fairs and companies that he visited abroad and the training programs that he joined affected his carrier positively. Some of the countries that he visited are China, Malesia, Singapour, Dubai, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia, Germany, Italy, Austria, and Czech Republic.

dijitalpromosyon.com - info@dijitalpromosyon.com - Tel: +90 342 323 73 77 - Company Address: Incilipinar Mah. 36018 Sk. No:4/A Sehitkamil 27100 Gaziantep Turkey